Stop a Foreclosure on Your Home

Stop a Foreclosure on Your Home

Work with a foreclosure lawyer to save your home in Foxborough, Norwood or the surrounding Norfolk County, MA area

Facing foreclosure can feel absolutely terrifying. You're probably wondering where you and your family will go, how you'll afford to relocate and whether you'll ever be able to get another mortgage. At the Law Office of Samuel P. Reef, we understand how stressful this time is. A real estate lawyer familiar in the Foxborough, Norwood, and Norfolk County, MA area can help you delay or stop your home's foreclosure.

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Filing for bankruptcy can stop foreclosure




A few missed house payments can snowball quickly. If you just need a little time to get back on top of your finances, talk to a real estate lawyer about your options. Filing for bankruptcy...




  • Pauses the foreclosure process
  • Gives you time to make up for missed payments
  • Could allow you to create a repayment plan



Attorney Samuel Reef has been practicing as a real estate litigation lawyer in the Foxborough, Norfolk County, MA area since 1994. He can help you avoid real estate disputes, foreclosures and more.